Juve VS Turin: Juve’s attack is coming into its own

2022-04-24 0 By

Juventus VS Turin in Serie A this is one of the most important games in serie A, Juventus are at home to Turin and the focus of the team should be five days later.In their last meeting, Turin lost 1-0 at home to Juventus.Juventus made a comeback in the second half after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo at the start of the season and are now in fourth place.In the winter window, the team brought in the viola’s main striker vlahovic, along with Morata, dybala to form a forward trio.Torino, on the other hand, have played well, but their away results have been poor, with just eight points from 11 away games.It is difficult to make them upset because they have been losing more and winning less recently.Juventus:Juventus recently state remains stable, the only team in the Italian cup 2-1 before Mr Solow, in the last league defeat in Atlanta, the two teams is to play open play war, stoppage time danilo scored a perfect flat, eventually away to a 1-1 draw against a team who grab for 1 minute, it after Juventus all competitions of 15 games unbeaten record,The winning rate is also close to 70, the current league in 46 points ranked the fourth, the points situation is ok.Since last November, Juventus 20 games in all competitions get 13-5-2, two defeat rivals Chelsea and Atlanta, and 5 draw on hand in addition to against the Venice, the rest are all serie a teams in the war zone, thus, Juventus against the top teams have strong ability to win games, almost not lose points.Despite the poor performance of The offensive end of Juventus this season, which is the lowest scoring team among the top 9 teams, the efficiency has improved significantly recently. Meanwhile, the defensive strength has steadily improved. The team has a winning rate of nearly 60% at home, and recently it has been unbeaten in 5 consecutive rounds at home with a high winning rate.Although Juventus at present, we still have a distance in distance from the top, but with the current momentum, they returned to the title race big probability is only a matter of time, after all events, Juventus have 15 consecutive unbeaten, winning more than sixty percent, during is arguably the most efficient team, this time rob pointsWith the milan duo’s form falling apart and the in-fighting depleting, Juve have been quietly catching up and it will be up to them to see how the remaining quarter of the campaign goes.Turin: As for the Turin side, they are nowhere near the champions league and relegation threat, although they have recovered from the slump of the previous two seasons and are now 10th in the table, showing a return to form.However, compared to the strong home record, he has only won, drawn and lost in 11 away games so far, with a very high loss rate.The last two serie A defeats to Udinese and Venice have left us in a slump.Performance is not stable and Turin this season, the team in the last round of serie a home 2-1 defeat at Venice, two consecutive league defeat three league games, 32 points ranked 10th league at present, in the middle position in the league, although the whole team performance is not stable, but as the end of last season’s league team, the current achievements, the overall performance is worthy of praise.However, the stability of torino’s forward line still needs to be improved recently. The team’s defense performance is ok, and there are also zero shutouts. However, the team’s ability to play away games is not good.Overview: this serie a, Juventus overall strength is worthy of recognition, recently also is rising steadily, but the team integral situation it is not safe, it must be in a strong home vows to take three points, the Turin season performance improved, but the team against the poor ability, it we think Juventus is able to smoothly victory at home to take all three points.