I do practical things for the masses | Yanping District held the 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” job fair in Luxia Town

2022-04-24 0 By

On February 8, yanping District held the 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” offline job fair in Luxia Town, providing a two-way platform for employment supply and demand, helping all kinds of workers who are willing to find jobs quickly and find jobs nearby, ensuring the employment demand of enterprises and helping the hometown economy achieve a “good start”.A total of 18 enterprises were organized to enter the job fair, covering construction, sports technology, materials and energy, retail processing, chemical industry, feed and other industries, involving professional technology, personnel administration, business sales, financial accounting and other different types of work, providing 810 jobs.Since the holiday, Yanping District on the front service, actively door-to-door contact enterprises, extensive publicity, actively organize recruitment, through a full range of excellent services, strong security, to help the masses at home to achieve employment.”I was looking forward to it when I saw the recruitment information in the village group two days ago. I always wanted to find a job that is close to home and can take care of my family, so that I can stay with my parents and children. After coming to the site today, I found that many jobs meet my actual needs.””Said Xiao Chen, a villager who came to apply.The atmosphere of the recruitment site was warm, the applicants were coming in an endless stream, and the front of the recruitment booth was filled with job-seeking consultants.Unit of choose and employ persons introduces employment demand and salary treatment to applicant in detail, and patiently answer questions and solve doubts, register job information.”After the probation period ends, we will provide employees with a series of welfare security, such as five insurances and one housing fund, paid vacation and rental allowance.”Relevant enterprise head told reporters.With the development of relevant enterprises’ new projects, expansion of production scale and increase of business volume, the demand for employment and talent introduction is increasingly strong. Many enterprises provide diversified benefits to attract applicants.It is understood that the day came to apply for nearly 430 people, more than 70 people to achieve employment intentions.In the next step, Yanping District will continue to deepen the practice of “I do practical things for the people”, strengthen communication and contact with the municipal Industrial Park Management Committee and municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments, adopt online and offline combination, build a two-way employment platform, and strive to meet the employment needs of local enterprises and the masses.