Guangxi Higher People’s Court has issued the first family education decree, urging divorced couples to raise children in accordance with the law

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After the couple divorced, the 3-year-old girl was ordered to be taken care of by the husband. The father had to work and left the child in the care of the elderly, while the mother did not visit the child. The girl suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety.The higher People’s Court of the autonomous Region issued a family education order to the divorced couple, urging parents to raise their children in accordance with the law.This is also the first family education order issued by the court, which has certain guiding significance for the courts in the whole district to hear such cases.In 2021, Chen mou and Li Mou broke down due to the relationship between husband and wife, qinzhou Intermediate People’s Court decided to dissolve their marriage relationship, 3-year-old daughter Xiaojing (pseudonym) raised by her father Li mou, living with Li Mou.Chen refused to accept the verdict of the second instance and applied for a retrial to the autonomous Region’s higher People’s Court.In the process of reviewing this case, the judge of the autonomous region high Court visited the investigation found that after the second instance judgment, Chen mou did not meet with her daughter for a long time, mother and daughter feelings unfamiliar, small static generation “mother did not want me” idea.Lee, however, left jing to the elderly to take care of her child because she had to work outside her home.Small static produces abased and uneasy mood because of this, brought bad influence to its healthy growth.After learning the situation, the judge communicated with Xiaojing’s parents, reminding them to pay attention to the child’s physical and mental health growth, and earnestly fulfill the responsibility of raising the child and family education.In order to guide and urge the parents of small static family education responsibility, give children more care, the judge issued a “family education order” to Chen mou and Li mou according to law, guide the mother Chen mou out of a certain time to visit and accompany small static every month, give small static affection love;Father Li should pay more attention to the physiological and psychological conditions and emotional needs of small jing, strengthen communication with the kindergarten, as well as the contact and communication with small jing grandparents and small jing, timely understanding of small jing’s life, learning and psychological conditions, and actively cooperate with Chen visiting small jing.”You must make it up to your daughter and give her more love.”Xiao Jing’s parents said they also recognize the neglect of their daughter’s psychological and emotional needs, and will take this opportunity to strengthen communication with their child, reflect carefully and fulfill their legal duties.It is reported that this is the first “family education order” issued by the High Court of the autonomous Region, for the whole district court in the trial of minors, how to carry out family education, the production of family education order has certain guiding significance.